• Reinforce fundamentals through practice
  • Learn the basics of a store
  • Learn to declare actions that affect UI state
  • Learn about the reducer function
  • Learn to actions and subscribing to state changes
  • Learn to declare actions that affect persisted state


  1. Build a simple Store class.
  2. Create actions to toggle the visibility of a sidenav.
  3. Create a reducer to return the new state.
  4. Create an instance of the Store and wire it up.
  5. Dispatch actions in an Angular component.
  6. Subscribe to state changes in an Angular component.
  7. Start a JSON Server.
  8. Create actions to load data.
  9. Update the reducer to store the persisted data in the state tree.
  10. Update

Serving the Project

You can serve the project using either of the following commands:

npm run start:simple-store
yarn start:simple-store


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