Getting Started

NgRx Store

Getting Started

To begin, checkout the 02-store branch:

git checkout 02-store

If you have any pending changes simply reset:

git reset --hard


Install the necessary NgRx libraries:

npm install @ngrx/{schematics,store,store-devtools}
yarn add @ngrx/{schematics,store,store-devtools}

Configure Schematics

Update the Angular CLI project to set the NgRx schematics as the default:

ng config cli.defaultCollection @ngrx/schematics

Redux Devtools

Using the NgRx store-devtools library we can use the Redux Devtools to:

  • view the actions being dispatched,
  • have insight into the state tree for each given action,
  • scrub through the timeline of actions that have been dispatched, and
  • dispatch an action we are debugging.

Install the Redux Devtools:

Serve the Application

Serve the application via either command:

npm start
yarn start

This will build and start a live reload server available at: http://localhost:4200.

This also starts a simple json-server with a RESTful API on port 3000.

If you experience a port conflict ensure that you do not have any other Angular CLI projects running.

Google Maps API Key

In order to display an embedded Google Map using the JavaScript library you must get an API key:

  1. Log into the Google Cloud Console
  2. You may need to accept the Terms of Service if this is your first time using the Google Cloud Platform.
  3. Create a new project named 'ngrx-course'
  4. View all of the APIs
  5. Search for the 'maps javascript' API
  6. Choose the Maps JavaScript API
  7. Enable the Maps JavaScript API
  8. Go to the Credentials tab and choose Create credentials > API key.
  9. Copy the API key.

Step-by-step screen shots:

Terms of Service

Terms of Service

Create project

Create project

Create API project

Create API project

New project

New project

View all APIs

View all APIs

Search for Maps JavaScript API

Maps JavaScript API

Enable Maps JavaScript API

Enable API

Choose Credentials and Create credentials

API credentials

Create an API key

API key

Copy API key

Copy API key

Angular Google Maps

We'll be using the Angular Google Maps library to easily display a Google Map:

npm install @ngui/map --save-prod
npm install @types/googlemap -save-dev

yarn add @ngui/map
yarn add -@types/googlemap -D

Update both the src/environments/environment.ts and src/environments/ files with your API key:

export const environment = {
  google: {
    maps: {
      apiKey: 'API_KEY'

Replace the APIKEY_ placeholder with your Maps JavaScript API key.


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